Every Performance Needs a Stage

For over twenty years, Quadraspire have been enhancing the quality of customers’ hi-fi systems with their beautifully designed and manufactured hi-fi racks. The company was established by Dutch designer Eddie Spruit in an East London studio in 1995. The companies design, development and craftsmanship now all takes place at it’s manufacturing facility south of Bath. In the same way that the finest musical instruments are developed, Quadraspire use the same tried and trusted technique of tuning by ear.

X Reference
– an exceptional stage for your hi-fi

In the same way that every musical performance needs a stage so a hi-fi needs a stage to bring music to life in your home. Combining the technology of the SVT rack and the bronze upgrade, Quadraspire effectively created a rack within a rack making the entire system more musical end enjoyable.

The Xreference is a rack within a rack with each X shaped shelf supporting and SVT shelf with solid bronze feet. Finally small bronze spike locators hold the SVT shelf and bronze feet in place on the X shelf.

The X shelf is made from laminated bamboo coated in Nextel for damping without added mass. Each X shelf is supported by 44mm concave alluminium columns. The Xreference uses a larger diameter column and thread to lock the shelves together for increased rigidity. The curved shape of the column further improves performance by avoiding parallel lines and reducing standing waves and mass.

At the heart of the Xreference rack are the solid bronze feet and spike locators. These two components have been specifically tuned to deliver the most natural performance on the Xreference. This results in a rack that makes equipment perform to a surprising level, offering a very low noise floor for greater definition of music and opening up the soundstage in all dimensions.

The X Ref shelf is coated in Nextel and the SVT shelves are available in Solid Bamboo or Natural Wood veneer finish. The natural wood veneered shelves are available in Cherry, Oak, Maple, Wenger and Black.
£1,000 per tier
(Tier price includes shelves, columns and bronze feet)
  • X Reference
  • X Reference

– the superior stage that allows your hi-fi to breathe

Building on the success of the Quadraspire Q4, the SVT performance Hi-Fi rack was developed for larger hi-fi systems and better sound performance. Curved columns help to further reduce resonance and vented shelves reduce mass and allow air to flow freely around your system.

SVT shelves are available in Solid Bamboo or Natural Wood veneer finish. The natural wood veneered shelves are available in Cherry, Oak, Maple, Wenger and Black.

The SVT columns come in a black or silver finish and are available in six different heights to accommodate different sized components and can be easily interchanged if your system changes.

Available accessories include 20th Anniversary Bronze upgrade, QX7 Floor Protectors and SVT wall brackets.

£220 per column (Cherry, Black, Oak, Wenger or Maple)
£280 per column (Bamboo)
£385 per column SV2T double shelf (Cherry, Black, Oak, Wenger or Maple)
£495 per column (Bamboo)

£320 SVT Wall Bracket in wood finishes with black or silver feet
£380 SVT Wall Bracket in bamboo finish with black or silver feet
Add £310 for bronze feet

£400 SVT Bronze upgrade
£105 Stainless Steel QX7 Floor protectors
  • SVT
  • SVT

– Dedicated Stage for hi-fi components

We would normally recommend a dedicated hi-fi rack that deals with the resonance produced by hi-fi components to deliver a clearer and cleaner musical performance however, where that is not possible the recommend the “Soundstage” for individual components. The Soundstage can be sited under a component whether it be on a sideboard or inside a cupboard. Employing the same technology used in other Quadraspire racks, the Soundstage is a superb upgrade.

Made from solid bamboo, the slim Soundstage shelf combined with solid bronze feet effectively reduces resonance without looking obtrusive as it sits neatly under the component. It is commonly accepted every hi-fi component is microphonic and will produce resonance that will distort the quality of the music reproduced.

This distortion can be significantly reduced by siting individual components on the Soundstage. From extensive research, Quadraspire found that a light rigid construction using solid bamboo and bronze opens the soundstage delivering clearer, cleaner musical performance.
  • Soundstage
  • Soundstage
  • Soundstage

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