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Beautiful High End loudspeakers from Holland.
Graceful. Smart. Uncompromised.

Eindhoven city is the main Dutch industrial centre, known throughout the whole of Europe where Phillips established its headquarters in 1891. It won’t be an indiscretion to say that this very place of worldwide fame is the cradle of very skilled engineers. Aequo Audio’s designers and engineers believe in the credo of the region where they were raised: innovation through collaboration, research and technology. A fine example of this credo in practise is their collaboration with the technical University of Eindhoven where they use its advanced facilities.  Each member of the Aequo Audio team is a specialist in one domain and presumably this is the reason why their Ensis model works, looks and sounds the way it does – superlative, which according to Ivo Sparidaens the companies founder, is simply as originally intended. Now the company has it’s latest innovation, the not so baby brother Stilla. Ultimate Stream is the first UK dealership to present both the Ensis and Stilla to the UK market.

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