It’s pure Scandinavian design and engineering.

Designed, built and produced in Norway.

Pure Scandinavian design and engineering

World-class sound is part of Electrocompaniet’s DNA. They’ve now designed and built a multi-room system that really stands out in terms of musicality, comfort, quality and design. Set your style and mood with the system’s custom colours – black, silver or bronze.

The EC Living Range provides you with a simple and elegant way to bring wireless Hi-Fi music into your home. EC Living is a wireless and modular audio system comprising of speakers/amplifiers and streaming devices that can be combined into one wireless system with the highest standards of quality.

Stereo sound

Combine the TANA SL-1 with the TANA L-1 to create real Hi-Fi sound in stereo. Bring music to the bedroom, kitchen, the home office, living room – or any other room.
With loudspeakers in every room, enjoy high quality sound throughout the whole house. If you want a really deep sound, add the SIRA L-1 subwoofer for even more weight and presence.

Easy Installation

The system app designed for iPhone, iPad and Android devices offers easy access to all features and settings. Download the app and start the installation. It will automatically find your system, lock onto it, and let you set up and control it.

Stream your favourite music

EC Living is compatible with most popular streaming formats and services including Tidal, Qobuz, and Spotify. Internet radio is also built in with bluetooth functionality being added soon.


The system’s main wireless speaker and streamer is used to create high quality stereo sound with enhanced depth, vibrancy and realism in multiple rooms. It can be used as a single loudspeaker or combined with the TANA L-1 to create a stereo pair.
Price £736
Combined TANA SL1/L1 SYSTEM £1,357


Wireless add-on speaker
The TANA L-1 is an add-on wireless loudspeaker, very easily combined with the main loudspeaker
Price £621
Combined TANA SL1/L1 SYSTEM £1,357


Use the SIRA L-1 to upgrade your system by adding even more weight and presence. Even though this model has all the power of big subwoofers, it's compact in size. It can either stand pretty, hidden out of sight or on a shelf. Like the other products in the range it's totally wireless. Adding one (or more) SIRA L-1's to your system lets you play your music deeper, louder and tighter. The system automatically recognises it and will adjust all speakers to match perfectly.
Price £864


Wireless streamer
The RENA S-1 is a simple solution for upgrading your system to next-generation audio streaming. It provides a way to connect directly to your existing amplifier, whilst still having the possibility of adding wireless speakers later. All this makes the RENA S-1 an affordable and future-proof way of entering the realm of EC Living. Choose from the wide range of colors and finishes to customise your design.
Price £535


Wireless streamer and amplifier
The RENA SA-1 is both a compact streamer and a powerful 2x75W amplifier for upgrading your existing loudspeaker system to next-generation audio streaming. It connects directly to your existing loudspeakers and can easily drive even the biggest loads. RENA SA-1 is the ideal product for those who want to replace their existing stereo system with a sleek and compact solution, or for those who want to keep their passive speakers, but need a compact solution with streaming capability.
Price £621

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