OPPO Audiocom 4K UHD Players come to Ultimate Stream

Oppo Audiocom Roon Ready Upgraded Reference and Signature Players deliver outstanding sound & picture quality.

OPPO are well known for their feature packed highly specified range of multimedia players which deliver a compelling home cinema experience and with the latest 4k UHD players, Audiocom's Reference & Signature upgrades deliver an outstanding upgrade in both picture and sound quality. We've added these highly specified players to our product portfolio for those of you who are looking for 4K UHD, Blu-ray, DVD, DVD Audio, SACD and CD replay combined with the players ability to stream as a Roon endpoint. As an ideal upgrade to your cinema room, connect to your TV or projector and audio system for greatly improved picture and sound quality.

Upgrades include:

Custom Low Noise & Linear Power Supplies

High Performance Audio Power Supplies

Femtosecond Processor Video Clocks

Improved Disc Read Accuracy

Custom Precision CNC Parts

Discrete Ultra Low Noise Regulation

Active AC Noise Reduction

Active EMI/RFI Noise Reduction & Damping

All versions include an Oppo approved two year warranty.


UDP203 Reference £1,699

UDP203 Signature £2,399

UDP205 Reference £2,899

UDP205 Signature £3,799



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