CAAS Power Amplifiers

CAAS Elysian 100 Mono-block Power Amplifier

The Elysian 100 mono-block amplifier (E100) is a statement in audio design. Designed to completely outperform other massive towering amps.

Six years of R&D have culminated in the reference standard E100. Housing a true state of the art, ZERO global and ZERO local feedback, ultra wide bandwidth, Class A operating amplifier circuit, thus producing one of the most dynamic, open, transparent and most realistic sound possible.

At normal listening levels the Elysian 100 will always be running in Class A mode and deliver up to 20 watts of pure Class A power into an 8 ohm load. If extra power is required the Elysian 100 will seamlessly move into Class A/B operation and deliver over 100W into 8 ohms and 200W into 4 ohms.

This biasing technique results in lower power consumption, lower heat output and an extended component lifetime over that of a conventional Class A amplifier, while delivering superior performance.
  • E100
  • E100
  • E100
  • E100
  • E100
Unique Technology
  • World first "RWave" - Ultra wide bandwidth circuit topology utilising microwave circuit design, layout and stability techniques providing superior signal path fidelity.
  • World first "CSD" - Open loop, voltage gain topology for perfect symmetric drive and outstanding distortion reduction.
  • World first "TZFB" - True zero feedback design (NO global feedback, NO local feedback) with "VAS Perfect Isolation ( VPI )" system, producing zero VAS loading and unprecedented levels of THD for a zero feedback topology.
  • World first "NIDS" - Non-Intrusive DC Servo system.
  • World first "Fastpower" - 6 bespoke, discrete regulated power supplies with over 100,000uF of power supply capacitance for instantaneous current delivery.
  • State of the art "OpBias" - Optimal bias system for maximum performance and reduced power requirement.
  • State of the art - DC coupled from input to output (NO capacitors in the signal path).
  • State of the art - Dual transformer supplies for near perfect circuit isolation.
  • State of the art - Ultra low Transient Intermodulation Distortion (TIM).
  • State of the art - Linear phase response with zero feedback essential for a truly open perfect sound stage with high clarity, precise imaging and unprecedented detail and dynamics.
  • Available in Silver and Black or All Black.
  • 260mm (W), 340mm (D), 140mm (H), 11kg (Per Amp).
£5,000 each
Available in black and silver

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