The Stilla is a very small and elegant floor standing speaker, yet it has the same output above 20hz as the Ensis.

Responsible for this challenging job are two 7 inch subwoofers mounted inside a horn loaded bass reflex cabinet, powered by Ncore amplifiers. An active electronic system for analogue room size and placement correction is used to tune the speaker to roll off as a closed box speaker, so it does not suffer from problems normally associated with ported speakers. Many other technologies and materials of the Stilla are more directly derived from the closed-box Ensis speaker and the Stilla is equipped with the same formidable midrange driver. The result is a comparable character with rich audiophile musicality as well as transparent uncoloured precision and an amazing holographic soundstage.
The middle and high frequency section of this hybrid speaker remains passive. Specified as 8 ohms nominal and highly sensitive, it is made to work well with a wide range of amplifiers. The five inch driver is responsible for very open, or pleasantly detailed, midrange frequencies without coloration. It is accompanied by a tweeter system with a concentric dome and ring moving-surface, as well as some new dispersion-improvement technologies. The two transducers are time-aligned by the carefully sloped cabinet, and wideband phase-aligned by the low-order crossover, to deliver a spectacular, holographic soundstage.

A fully active version of the Stilla is also available.


Elemental Stilla Hybrid (Active LF) £16,599
Elemental Stilla Full Active £18,399

Luxury stone £919
Exclusive stone colour £1,655
Elemental wood £919
Luxury wood £1,195
Exclusive wood £1,839
Exclusive wood high glass finish £2,759
Foot Ebony Black £369
Foot same colour as stone £459

Luxury speaker cables £645
Exclusive speaker cables £1,565
Luxury power cables £275
Exclusive power cables £875
RCA cable 0,5m copper/gold £645
RCA cable 1m copper/gold £785
RCA cable 0,5m pure fine silver £1,195
RCA cable 1m pure fine silver £1,655
XLR cable 1m copper/gold £645
XLR cable 2m copper/gold £825
Stilla Specifications

Size - 107 x 16 x 26cm
Weight - 20 kg
Sensitivity db SPL 2.83V - 90db
No. of Drivers/Topology - 4/3way
Enclosure Materials - s-stone, wood, billet aluminium
Frequency range - 14-35.000hz, (depending upon room and settings)
Average in-room - 3db extension in XXL room 18hz
Impedance - 8 ohms nominal
High Frequency transducer - doped s-silk dome ring EHDL ferrite motor
Mid Frequency transducer - mineral filled PP, symmetric motor
Low frequency transducer - double 7 inch Nomex coated symmetric motor large excursion
Connection Terminals - WBT
Electronic Adjustments – 2: Room size XXS-XXL, Placement
Manual Adjustments – cabinet tilt by single wheel
Aequo Audio Technology - EHDL™ ARPEC™
Amplification – Hybrid Version Ncore 2 x 250 watt
Additional Amplification – Full Active Version Ncore 100 watt

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