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With over 25 years experience, based in Switzerland, Merging Technologies is the world’s foremost manufacturer of high resolution digital audio recording systems. Their list of customers reads like a who’s who in the recording industry and recordings made with their systems regularly receive the prestigious Grammy® Award, with no less than 27 nominations in 2017! The Merging NADAC player brings music as it was recorded in the studio into your home, with the best music player available combined with the best-sounding DAC with Roon Core software built in. You can access your entire music library from a tablet with the Merging NADAC connected directly to your amplifier, active speakers, or via headphones for the purest sound ever.

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Merging NADAC Player

The stunning Merging NADAC Player challenges the convention of having a computer from which to play your music. The Merging NADAC player is an audiophile music server which combines the best music player available together with the best sounding DAC. You can connect it directly to your amplifier, active speakers or headphones to listen to the purest sound ever.
Roon Core is built into the Merging NADAC player, so you can access all your music in up to DSD quality from your smartphone or tablet as well as discovering all you need to know about the music, the musician, the composer, concert dates, reviews and more. You can control your listening level and map your music to different rooms, check the dynamic range of your track, read liner notes, build and organise your own playlist or even equalise your room directly from the Roon application. As well as offering a genuinely audiophile turnkey solution, you will be able to enjoy regular updates, new features and services offered by new software applications. An MQA update allowing a full MQA unfold will be available in Spring 2018.
The NADAC player comes in two flavours, stereo and multichannel so you can listen to your stereo or surround music files. The multichannel version can now also be directly connected to four stereo zones. Roon Core now supports multichannel playback.
The NADAC player is ideal for use with the Kii Audio THREE active speakers with the volume for each zone being controlled via smartphone or tablet.
Each NADAC player supplied by Ultimate Stream includes a three year return to manufacturer VIP warranty.
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The Ear 5 Star Review


Golden ears have told us that Merging components sound incredible, but they wanted to see if they could improve even more. Removing AC power from the chassis and providing DC from an astonishing hybrid power plant using the highest quality components has achieved the seemingly impossible. If you care about the ultimate fidelity, this is the magic ingredient you must have.

Critical acclaim suggests that MERGING+PLAYER and MERGING+NADAC sounds amazing so that would indicate that Merging’s designers selected a fine power supply. There is a body of opinion that maintains that removing all AC components from the chassis should improve the performance even more. MERGING+POWER is the answer.



Timing is everything.

Clocking of digital audio signals is vitally important to achieve the best possible fidelity. Merging’s experience in dealing with the challenges of perfectly synchronizing digital devices is invaluable. The RAVENNA network technology makes it much easier to distribute super-accurate timing information to all connected devices, but why not go a stage further and make your Master Clock phenomenally accurate. The MERGING+CLOCK is not only designed to synchronize your RAVENNA network, it is also provided with a direct high-performance connection to your MERGING+NADAC offering also automatic sample rate switching, with two 10MHz synchronous outputs for other high-end components and with a set of four Word Clock output for our professional friend.

Merging+Clock – Low Noise Edition £17,865
Merging+Clock – Ultra Low Noise Edition £35,725

Merging+clock features
The MERGING+NADAC and MERGING+PLAYER offers fidelity and audio quality that has left many critics in awe. The MERGING+POWER pushes the envelope a little further by providing the optimum power conditions for each circuit. The MERGING+CLOCK eliminates the last possible performance compromise: The Master Clock.

Merging is all about eliminating compromises but offering a choice to meet different budgets. The CLOCK is therefore available as two editions:

The two MERGING+CLOCK editions get you to the pinnacle of accuracy by employing an instrument-grade crystal oscillator OXCO that is coupled to a Q Damping System. This reduces the effects of any mechanical vibrations that might be present in your listening environment.

Years of experience and research by Merging led to the discovery of these critical points - short-term clock stability and phase noise performance are exceptionally important for sound quality. MERGING+CLOCK provides the state-of-the-art solution for digital audio applications, which achieves 7E-13 grade short-term stability at subsecond and as low as -111dBC at 1Hz offset (CLOCK-U). More important than the technical specifications, the MERGING+CLOCK will stir the emotions and touch your heart with the purity of the sound.

High-precision clocks are supplied by a number of manufacturers and there are recognized standards for devices that are not part of a network.

The MERGING+CLOCK provides three different connection types. The first is the RJ45 connector for RAVENNA/AES67 networks; follows a dedicated 625kHz specially adapted for a direct NADAC or PLAYER connection; then two 10MHz BNC connectors for other Hi-End components and finally four standard BNC Word Clock connectors for every sample rate from 44.1kHz to 1536kHz. That is 32 times 1FS!

The Low Noise edition, offers extraordinary accuracy with a frequency stability of +/-50ppb. The state of the art in clocking performance.

The Ultra-Low Noise edition, offers the almost unbelievable figure of +/-20ppb.
The choice for those pursuing the ultimate!

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