KF92 Subwoofer

Twin 9-inch driver 'force-cancelling' subwoofer
KF92 is a compact, room-friendly subwoofer engineered to deepen every listening experience.

Price £2,000
  • KF92 Subwoofer

Kube 12b

12-inch bass driver active subwoofer.

The Kube 12b is engineered to deliver the deepest bass for music and movies. If you want to feel the earth move look no further.

  • Kube 12b

Kube 10b

10-inch bass driver active subwoofer

The mid sized Kube 10b has a sealed cabinet, 10-inch bass driver and 300 Watts to produce serious extension and control.
  • Kube 10b

Kube 8b

8-inch bass driver active subwoofer

Don't let its compact size fool you, the Kube 8b may not take up much space but the bass it delivers is anything but small.
  • Kube 8b

KW1 Wireless Subwoofer Adaptor Kit

KW1 is a wireless adapter system designed to work with KUBE 8b, 10b,12b and KF92 of KEF subwoofers. Comprising a discreet transmitter and receiver, using KW1 means KEF subwoofers can be optimally placed, rather than limited by trailing cables. The high-quality wireless transmission delivers every ounce of detail and impact from your favourite films and music. KW1 is also perfectly suited for use with KEF's LSX and LS50 Wireless Music Systems.

£180 (Additional Receiver £80)
  • KW1 Wireless Subwoofer Adaptor Kit

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