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Dutch & Dutch Active Speakers

Dutch & Dutch, an acclaimed Netherlands-based audio company, sets a high bar of excellence in the world of sound with their innovative and superbly engineered D&D 8c active loudspeakers. Their dedication to sonic perfection is clearly evident in these masterpieces that provide unbelievably accurate sound reproduction, capable of transforming any space into a full-scale audio environment.

The D&D 8c active loudspeakers are way ahead of their time, boasting a cutting-edge technology that combines room-matching, phase-correction, and streaming in a singular device. Using cardioid and dipole sound dispersion, these speakers produce a sound experience that is uncompromising and immersive.

The speakers' full potential can be unlocked using Dutch & Dutch' proprietary Ascend app, granting users granular control over their audio setup. It is easy-to-use and designed to give users the ability to customize their sound to their liking. It provides seamless control of the 8c loudspeakers to match their environment acoustics, making it an essential companion to the Dutch & Dutch experience.

Additionally, Dutch & Dutch have focused on incorporating streaming service integration into their 8c loudspeakers' functionality, placing importance on user convenience. 

They have integrated Roon and Spotify into their speakers, two of the most popular platforms for streaming high-definition audio. With Roon integration, users can benefit from the platform's rich metadata, excellent user interface, and lossless streaming quality, exploring their sprawling music library with minimum effort.

Spotify, a standard in music streaming with its vast catalogue and user-friendly features, is directly accessible from the 8c speakers, making it convenient for users to access their playlists or discover new music without the need for additional devices.

Recently, Dutch and Dutch introduced the option to purchase software plug-ins making the 8c the first ever loudspeaker to run commercial third-party software. The first available plugin brings BACCH to your listening space. BACCH 3D Spatial Audio is a ground-breaking technology that creates a spatial soundstage from only two speakers through crosstalk elimination.

Overall, Dutch & Dutch and their 8c active loudspeakers defy the norm with stunning sound capabilities, ease of use, and efficient integration with leading streaming services. The experience they provide is nothing short of pure auditory bliss, pushing the envelope of what traditional loudspeakers can achieve – all in one!

Accurate Sound Reproduction


Cutting Edge Technology


Roon & Streaming Service Integration


Inbuilt DSP offers fine tuning

Dutch and Dutch speakers

Huge acoustic benefits over passive systems

Room EQ correction on-board negates external correction devices

D&D 8c

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