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ADOT Network Solutions

ADOT is the ultimate destination for audiophile fibre network connectivity kits that take your audio system to new heights. 

When copper just isn't good enough, ADOT offers audiophile-grade kits to simplify the isolation of high-end audio systems using carefully optimised fibre optic components. ADOT's plug-and-play kits require no complex computer configuration, making the setup process a breeze. With ADOT's solution, your system operation remains completely unchanged, ensuring a seamless transition to the enhanced audio experience.

Whether your audio system is NAS or streaming-based, ADOT fibre network connectivity kits are suitable for use with all network-connected audio systems. ADOT understands the delicate nature of analogue and digital audio signals and believes digital data deserves the utmost respect to deliver the promised results of high-resolution digital music files.

Behind the 0's and 1's, hi-fi electrical signals are still analogue and susceptible to noise and interference. This additional noise can compromise the integrity of pulse edges, leading to timing errors and jitter. That's where the ADOT solution comes in. By breaking the conducted signal and isolating the hi-fi system using fibre optics, ADOT effectively removes interference and noise. This allows the data to be communicated to digital components without introducing any conducted interference. The result is pristine audio quality and improved performance.

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