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Plixir Power Balanced Power Supplies

Plixir Power is a leading provider of high-quality audio industry power supplies and accessories. 

With a focus on delivering clean and reliable power to enhance audio performance, Plixir Power has gained recognition for its innovative solutions and commitment to quality. Established as a passion project in 2014 by James Soh, Plixir Power emerged as a response to power's critical role in audio systems. Inspired by his extensive experience and knowledge, James set out to design power products that would optimise the performance of audio systems.

At the core of Plixir Power's product line-up are the popular Plixir Elite BDC and Plixir Elite BAC power supplies. These carefully engineered power supplies provide a solid foundation for audio systems, delivering clean, stable power to unleash the full potential of hi-fi equipment. With their neutral, natural, and pure tone, Plixir Elite power supplies are designed to allow your equipment to perform at its best, ensuring a truly immersive listening experience. In addition to power supplies, Plixir Power offers a range of power cables designed to maximise the performance of audio systems. The Plixir Statement and Plixir Elementa Power Cables utilise high-quality materials and advanced construction techniques to minimise interference and deliver optimal power transmission. These power cables are designed to balance flexibility, durability, and superior audio performance.

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