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At Ultimate Stream, we’re passionate about delivering audio experiences that stands the test of time. Our portfolio of brands including Hegel, Mola Mola, T+A, and Valvet, together with Amphion, Epos and Fink Team loudspeakers embodies this commitment.

Passive audio systems consist of passive speakers, separate amplifiers, DACS and source components allowing for greater versatility and scalability so you can tailor your audio system to suit your unique preferences and space requirements.

Selecting amplifiers and speakers independently, gives more control over audio quality with sound designed to suit your own listening experience.

Passive systems allow for easy upgrades as new technology becomes available so you can replace or upgrade individual components without a complete system change.

Goosebumps, acoustic treasures, and pure luxury for the senses are all included with an Ultimate Stream passive system.

Fink Team
Mola Mola

Let us help you explore the future of audio and indulge your ears in pure sonic bliss. 

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