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Amphion Loudspeakers

Amphion is a Finnish company known for its dedication to producing high-quality home and professional loudspeakers that deliver nuanced, balanced sound across an array of listening environments. Established in 1998, the brand's philosophy rests upon creating speaker designs that embrace both audio clarity and the distinctive aesthetics of Scandinavian design.

Amphion adopts an advanced approach to creating loudspeakers for music lovers. The company consistently prioritises the reproduction of music exactly as the artists intended for it to be heard. To achieve this ideal, the company uses interesting techniques like implementing passive radiators that enhance bass response or designing proprietary waveguides that allow for broad and even sound dispersion. The result is Amphion loudspeakers that produce impressively clear, neutral, and realistic sound, allowing listeners to truly immerse themselves in an engaging musical experience.

One of the Amphion’s jewels is the Argon7 loudspeaker. It incorporates passive radiator technology, which enables it to offer cleaner bass response. The design removes port noise and delivers accurate, high-resolution sound reproduction. The Amphion Argon7's minimalistic design is as pleasing to the eye as its sound is to the ear, exemplifying the unification of aesthetics and function. Moreover, the focused yet linear sound reproduction ensures an extraordinary soundstage even in larger rooms.

The Amphion Krypton 3X, on the other hand, is an embodiment of Amphion's ground-breaking loudspeaker technology. It is a three-way floor-standing speaker that has been designed to function in a variety of room sizes and layouts. With its unique combination of design details like low crossover points, dual midranges, or meticulous acoustic design, the Amphion Krypton 3X ensures exceptionally coherent sound reproduction. The crossover design specifically ensures the drivers work cohesively to create a seamless soundscape, providing a listening experience that seems to defy the physical speaker boundaries.

Resonating the Amphion's commitment to neutral, realistic sound, the Krypton 3X delivers an immersive audio experience across all kinds of music genres. It maintains remarkable transparency and depth of sound, making it appear almost as if the artists are performing live in your room.

Amphion's advancement within the audio market is not merely by chance; it's a reflection of years of dedication towards creating audio experiences that bring the emotion and detail of live performances right into your home. Both Argon7 and Krypton3X serve as perfect exponents of this ambition - an orchestrating blend of advanced technological elements and integral commitment to audio authenticity. These loudspeakers stand as fantastic representations of Amphion's prowess in the field of audio technology.

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