T+A - Acoustic Treasures made in Germany – a perfection in sound.

T+A stands for Theory and Application in the field of audio technology. In practice, T+A conceive, refine and manufacture hi-fi components of the highest quality that represent a sound investment for the future. With no interest in producing products for the mass market, their focus is to satisfy the most stringent requirements. T+A’s most important components are designed and created in house, they’ve featured in countless reviews and have proved themselves to be amongst the best in the world.

T+A Solitaire® T Headphones

Universal and versatile. Highest-quality materials. Unique sound. These dynamic headphones break with all conventions, instead they set their own standards: the very latest technology combine with our long years of experience to make this product more than just audiophile headphones, more than travel headphones, and more than any headset: they are your companion for every situation.

Price £1,200
Solitaire P Headphones

T+A Solitaire® P Headphones

Like the Solitaire series of loudspeakers, the new Solitaire P symbolises the experience, expertise and commitment in the design and development of sound transducers which have been T+A’s hallmark for 41 years. These new corded Over-Ear headphones have been developed by a team of young engineers and experienced physicists who share a deep passion for music. 

Price £5,000
Solitaire P Headphones

T+A HA200 Headphone Amplifier

The HA 200 headphone amplifier is a completely new development, designed for dynamic and magnetostatic headphones. It is based on analogue T+A HV technology. Its high-performance output stages are of Class-A design and operate with a high idle current, enabling them to drive even the most demanding headphones without difficulty. Impedance matching allows the HA 200 to be fine-tuned to suit any headphones you wish to use. In addition to high-quality analogue inputs we have equipped the HA 200 with a large number of professional digital inputs.

Price £6,600

HA200 Headphone Amplifier

T+A HV-Series

The HV-Series is the development platform from which the other series are derived and incorporates technologies which are only available to T+A. It’s two-channel from start to finish. Enjoy the peerless sound, the incredible workmanship, and the limitless reserves of performance of every component.

Totally high-end. Ingenious.
PRICES from £8,400

T+A R-Series

The ground-breaking technology and design philosophy of the R-series are based on those of the HV-series, although they have been adjusted in size to suit the compact cases of this equipment. Exclusive materials, assembled to the highest possible standards, ensure that the devices harmonise perfectly with their superior sound qualities.

For purists. Superb. Audiophile. High-End.
PRICES from £3,500

T+A E-Series

Ultra-sophisticated technology – based on the R-Series – combined with the very latest amplifier concepts and superb all-metal caes result in excellent sound qualities and an unbeatable price/performance ratio.

Innovative. Efficient. Highly musical.
PRICES from £2,800


The Series 200 represents a modern interpretation of T+A's legendary MiDi systems. Starting with the iconic M-system in the 1990’s, and most recently continued by the Series 8, all of these systems have combined and continue to combine superb audiophile performance with an ultra-compact design of timeless elegance. The MP 200, A 200, DAC 200 and HA 200 embody their experience in each individual area, and make it accessible to compact systems in particular.

T+A Caruso

It was back in the year 2008 that T+A introduced the first Caruso, and within a very short time the device won numerous prizes, gaining absolute cult status due to its outstanding functionality and superb design. Its successor, the Caruso Blu, continued this heritage in a modernised form. By this means both machines laid the foundation for all the units of the Caruso series. The latest sources, a modern mode of operation and a streamlined appearance of timeless elegance: these are the criteria to which every device bearing the Caruso name must measure up. Even though all of them constitute unique developments, they all share the same DNA.  
Caruso Blu

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