Tellurium Q

We are delighted to offer the entire range of Tellurium Q products.

Tellurium Q have won 10 products of the year and most wanted components in just two years. With numerous exceptional reviews of their products and having performed our own listening tests, it wasn’t a difficult decision for us to offer this highly sought after range of cables to our customers. If you would like some advice or to audition a TQ cable in your system we’d be delighted to help!

Choosing your cable

What quality of sound would I like?

The easiest way to think about this is does your system require a little more warmth or more detail, more revealing?

Your answer will then indicate which colour family to choose.

Families explained

What level of performance would you like within that quality of sound?

Families explained

Mixing families

Generally, to some degree you can mix the colour families Blue and Black or Black and Silver. However, because Silver and Blue are so dissimilar in performance profile, these families should not be mixed in a system. When Tellurium Q develop their products, they are designed to fit as precisely as possible into one of these performance profiles… with only one exception in all the cables.

Understanding the Tellurium Q colours and Relative Performance

Families explained
All cables from any manufacturer (in fact anything an electronic signal passes through) will act as an electronic filter which just means that relative phase distortion occurs i.e. a smearing of the natural sound. With this in mind, Tellurium Q have designed cables to be either slightly tailored towards an audiophiles requirement to help with their system or highly neutral and revealing.
This has given rise to a 3X3 “matrix” to allow you to pick the level of performance and the sonic quality of your cables with a greater degree of confidence, and accuracy of choice than ever before.
It is an unusual approach, but one that audiophiles globally are beginning to really appreciate, and one of the major reasons that Tellurium Q have won so many product of the year awards in such a short time.

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If you are interested in investing in a new system or looking for ideas on how you can improve your existing system, add a streaming solution or build a digital library, we’d love to hear from you.

To audition any of our products call us on 07423 603035 or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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