32Bit/768kHz DSD512 USB Interface

Onto a Higher Level

The newly designed USB Audio Class 2.0 asynchronous digital interface X-SPDIF 2, inherited the excellent quality from its previous generation. You can connect the digital audio stream and receive devices through the newly added IIS port, to avoid the loss caused by digital signal protocol conversion. X-SPDIF 2 built-in high-quality femtosecond clock and FPGA processing unit, it can playback up to 32bit/768kHz PCM audio stream and 1bit/22.4MHz DSD audio stream.

More Powerful X-CORE

The new generation XMOS U208 is an 8-core digital signal processing unit, it has powerful multi-core and multi-threaded processing capabilities, and it is the industry's most advanced USB Class 2.0 digital audio solution by far.
Powerful X-core

FPGA Control Centre

The strong XILINX SPARTAN FPGA assist XMOS manage and assign the clock, processing DoP transcoding and JITTER reduction for the IIS port.
X-SPDIF 2 FPGA Control Centre

Audiophile Crystal Oscillators

X-SPDIF 2 uses 2 Accusilicon high-quality femtosecond clocks as reference clock source, which work at the state of 44.1kHz, 48kHz and their multiple sample rate. The FPGA automatically control the frequency assignment and switching, and the femtosecond clock has independent ultra-low noise LDO power supply.
Audiophile Crystal Oscillators

Multi-level LDO

The power supply units of X-SPDIF 2 are constructed by multi-level, multi-group LDOs and solid capacitors, they can filter out the superimposed noise from power supply effectively. All the circuit powered by low noise or ultra-low noise LDO, which avoided the hi-frequency switch noise caused by DC/DC circuit. You also can obtain high quality power from USB bus.
Multi-level LDO

Configurable IIS Port

X-SPDIF 2 support different standard of IIS, it can compatible for different devices by configuring the IIS definition switch. The DoP converting function transcodes the DoP audio stream from a native DSD stream output from IIS port.
Configurable IIS Port

External Power Supply Supported

X-SPDIF 2 has a power supply interface, you can add an external linear power supply to it. It will disconnect the USB bus power automatically when you connect it to an external power.
External Power Supply Supported

CNC Aluminium Chassis

In order to get the best electromagnetic shielding performance, to minimise the impact of mechanical vibration, X-SPDIF 2 used their CNC aluminium chassis design thereby ensuring your computer can output the highest quality digital audio stream.
CNC Aluminium Chassis
Price £400

Available in Black


Supported Sample Rate
  • Optical/Coaxial/AES: PCM 16-24Bit /44.1kHz、48kHz、88.2kHz、96kHz、176.4kHz、192kHz  DSD64(DoP)
  • IS LVDS: PCM 16-32Bit /44.1kHz、48kHz、88.2kHz、96kHz、176.4kHz、192kHz, 352.8kHz、384kHz、705.6kHz、768kH DSD64/128/256/(DoP) DSD64/128/256/512(Native)
System Support
  • Windows7/8/8.1/10 system needs to install the supplied driver.
  • Mac OS X10.6.4 or above without installing the driver.
Power Supply
  • USB bus power supply: 5V/500mA
  • External power supply: DC 6~9V,≥800mA
  • Power supply port: outer diameter 5.5mm; inner diameter 2.1mm (+ for inner, - for outer)
  • Dimensions: 133mm×142mm×38mm (L×W×H, including protruding parts)
  • Weight: 1.1kg

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